Our Mission

Juke Slot’s mission is to help small and large businesses improve management and strengthen customer relationships. We accomplish this mission by providing a versatile tablet kiosk and handheld mobile device that features, easy to use customer applications, and user friendly staff applications.

Juke Slot’s open technology platform facilitates a marketplace that allows customers to integrate their current backend of preference. Juke Slot partners with an innovative community of problem solvers who share our desire to inspire business innovation. Through the marketplace, global developers sell a variety of apps that help Juke Slot improve employee management, track sales, and grow their business.

About us

Founded in 2012, Juke Slot is a self-service tablet kiosk system designed to operate in various industries such as casinos, hotels, and restaurants. Our unique designed tablet kiosks’ sole purpose is to provide faster service and entertainment to the everyday public environment, with customized application capabilities based on customer needs. Our system also consists of a rugged hand held waiter device designed to integrate with various locations current point of sales.

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How We’re Different

Juke Slot is a Brand name specializing in designing Self-Service tablet kiosks, able to adapt to various industries. Everything we do at Juke Slot focuses on giving our customers more control of their operation—over their customer ordering process, over their on- site marketing, over their business operations, you name it. We are able to offer businesses a wide variety of flexibility to fit their customers need such as, a hand held device for staff and a user friendly customer tablet. We built our system with many different age groups, genders, and educational backgrounds in mind. We have a passion for revolutionizing the self-service kiosk industry! We offer a variety of customizable apps that can be added to our platform to keep customers engaged and coming back for more!

Who We Are

We are a diverse collection of passionate and successful engineers, entrepreneurs, developers, and creative types hailing from every corner of the world. We are rabid sports fans, budding artists, accomplished dancers, expert pilots, and weekend athletes (some armchair, some actual). We tell interesting stories, speak assorted languages, and blend countless distinctive backgrounds into one united team. We are multi-talented multitaskers.