7 inch Tablet lock and key Anti-Theft Enclosure

Base Plate Designed to provide stability for the stand attached to the slot machine
jukslot equipment
Insert Card Reader for Credit Cards and Player Reward Cards
Mini Receipt Printer
LED Light in a variety of colors

Built in Power Cord for long hours of use without interruption

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PDA with Cradle
  • Rugged Android POS PDA
  • Easy to repair
  • Wi-Fi Seamless Roaming
  • 802.11bgn 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Uninterruptible RDP
  • Kiosk Mode (User/Admin Mode)
  • Remote Upgrade & Support
  • Charging Cradle

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Restaurant Tablet Kiosk
  • 7 inch Lock and Key Anti-Theft Enclosure
  • Easy to Remove Tablet for Recharging
  • HD Tablet screen for a user friendly experience
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Interchangeable Front Cover

Flavorful Colors Available

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