Unlimited possibilities

If you can dream it, our endlessly flexible design can make it happen. This is what makes our mobile solution infinitely different from the rest. It’s scalable to perfectly adapt to your unique needs, whether you have your own software or want a custom solution. And with just a few tweaks, your management can add or remove features, update the menu, adjust the payment process, and schedule alerts. Plus, at under two pounds, it’s so small and light that it can be positioned anywhere you want it – in hands, on tabletops, on mounts, or on other machines.

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Boost in revenue

Research tells us that the ease of ordering on demand with our tablet devices causes customers to spend more and to spend more quickly. Thanks to the immediacy of our tabletop tool, customers can make electronic fund transfer (EFT) payments in seconds.

Improved customer experience

With our user-friendly touchscreen device, customers are handed the power and autonomy to create their own custom experiences. They’ll enjoy speedier services, more attention from staff, and menu options in their language – all with just a few touches on their screens. It’s no wonder that android devices are more popular than laptop computers and Apple devices across the globe!

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Confidence in security

Our PCI-compliant comprehensive security features protect everyone. Customers handle their own EMV credit card payments, minimizing the risk of compromised information. Biometric authentication reduces instances of fraud and rejections of charges, protecting you against liability. There’s no risk of downloading computer virus infections. And the lock and key enclosure means there’s minimal risk of theft.

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Happier staff

Our innovative solution is capable of seamless integration with your existing software program and point of sales. That means less bussing orders, less paper, less bottlenecks – and more smiles, more customer interaction, and more opportunities to upsell. And with easy inputting, a floor plan navigator, and one-touch tipping, they’ll quickly see results for themselves.

Optimized marketing campaigns

When your kiosk is in use, our digital marketing system can be programmed with tailored, timely campaigns targeting your captive audience. Results can be tracked to better understand customer habits, allowing tweaks to the campaign for maximum return on your investment. Even when not in use, you can capitalize on these vibrant digital billboards with multi-media advertisements promoting upcoming specials, events, or causes.

Secure payments

Eliminate the hassle of paper receipts and the risk of comprised credit cards. Our rare android multi-purpose POS solution collects information and verifies payments with an encrypted EMV insert card reader, ID scanner, QR code reader, and biometric authentication.

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Fun entertainment

Appeal to the 84% percent of adults and children who indulge in online gaming. From clinic waiting rooms to casinos, our Wi-Fi and animated 3D games give customers more than just something to pass the time. Our single-player, multi-player, and tournament-style games increase revenue and draw repeat customers.

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Reduced operating costs

Our paperless android tablets and kiosks take efficiency to a whole new level by allowing you to reduce staff during low traffic hours. Plus, it eliminates table clutter to just one receipt that is generated directly from the built-in mini-printer.

Immediate improvements

Measure specific parts of the customer experience with our android devices by tracking delivery times and customizing surveys. Your customers can leave valuable feedback with simple yes and no buttons, allowing you to make immediate changes.

Increased brand loyalty

Build your brand with e-loyalty programs, customizable graphics, identification of valued customers, and interchangeable front covers – all in colors to match your brand.

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Minimal risk

Our all-in-one solution includes android tablets, accessories, software applications, deployment services, help desk services, warranty administration, remote upgrades, easy repairs, and ongoing support from our one-of-a-kind facility. Plus we provide one single, direct point of contact for all project responsibilities. That means you can count on minimal service disruptions, risk, or fuss.

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