Reduce Operating Costs!
Increase Customer Service!

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Customizable Graphics!

No Waiting! Order on the GO!!
In todays’ fast pace society, nobody likes to wait! Our unique tablet kiosk for restaurants increases the Speed of Ordering, Delivery Time, and Decreases the Waiting Time for Customers!

Restaurant Tablet Kiosk Features:

  • Sleek Tablet Kiosk eliminates table clutter
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Bright Colorful User Interface to keep your customers ordering
  • Fun Entertaining Games
  • Advertisement to keep customers up to date on your latest specials
  • Enclosure includes a lock and key, designed for easy recharging tablet
  • Waiter hand held device
  • Point of sales integration capabilities

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Increase Sales!
  • People Eat with their Eyes!
  • Our customizable digital menu brings a new perception to your restaurant.
  • High Resolution images and videos entice customers to order Impulsively!

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Exciting Games for All Ages!

Allow your customers to enjoy our animated 3D games for Adults

Keep your customers entertained while dining!

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Waiter to Customer Interaction

Recent surveys show some restaurants reject the Self – Service Kiosk Revolution, due to a concern of losing waiter to customer interaction.

Our tablet kiosk is designed to increase waiter to customer interaction!

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Handheld Waiter Device!
  • Reduce food waste due to waiters sending wrong orders to the kitchen!
  • Track Waiter Delivery time, for faster customer service!
  • Small easy to carry device for waiters to use on the GO!